Mark Pennington

Senior Lecturer in Health Economics

Mark Pennington is a senior lecturer in Health Economics at KHE with ten years’ experience working as a health economist.

Prior to undertaking an MSc in Health Economics he worked in medicinal chemistry research in the pharmaceutical industry. After completing his MSc Mark joined Newcastle University in 2006 as a research associate and worked with the team delivering EuroVaQ, a large, pan-European contingent valuation survey seeking the monetary value of a QALY. In 2010 Mark joined LSHTM as a lecturer in health economics to work on a Department of Health funded project to utilise Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in the analysis of the cost-effectiveness of hip and knee replacements. He is leading the economic analysis of a multi-centre trial of specialist Epilepsy nurses for adults with Epilepsy and intellectual disabilities in collaboration with Cambridge University. He is also undertaking a cost-effectiveness analysis of Memory Clinics as part of a programme of research developing the use of PROMs in Dementia. In late 2015 Mark moved to KCL to join King’s Health Economics.

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