MTG34 SecurAcath for securing percutaneous catheters


SecurAcath (Interrad Medical) is a single-use device to secure percutaneous catheters in position on the skin. It is intended for use in adults and children who need a central venous catheter (CVC), a long, thin, flexible tube that is inserted...

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Assessment Reports

The Assessment Report is an important component of the information available to the NICE Medical Technologies Advisory Committee (MTAC) when developing its provisional and, following consultation, final recommendations on the technology.

NICE medical technologies guidance addresses specific technologies notified to NICE by manufacturers. If selected by the MTAC, the manufacturer is asked to provide evidence to support adoption of the technology. The assessment report includes a summary of the technology and a critique of the sponsor's clinical and economic submission.

The 'case for adoption' recommendations are based on the claimed advantages of introducing the specific technology compared with current management.


MTG32 HeartFlow FFRCT for estimating fractional flow reserve from coronary CT angiography


HeartFlow FFRCT (developed by HeartFlow) is coronary physiology simulation software used for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of previously acquired...


MTG16 E-vita


The E‑vita open plus (JOTEC GmbH) is an endoluminal stent graft system designed for treating aneurysms and dissections of the...


MTG196 Geko


The geko device (FirstKind Ltd) is a battery powered, disposable neuromuscular electrostimulation device that is designed to increase venous blood...


MTG210 VTq


The Virtual Touch Quantification (VTq; Siemens) software application uses acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) imaging technology to measure the elasticity...