MIB57 iCare Tonometer

Icare products are the only devices that currently use rebound tonometry to measure intraocular pressure. These help to assess the risk of developing glaucoma, and also to detect and monitor the condition. The 4 functionally similar Icare tonometers measure the deceleration and rebound time of a small, lightweight probe, which makes brief contact with the cornea. Evidence from 1 systematic review and meta‑analysis of studies published before 2010 showed that 52% (pooled value) of Icare intraocular pressure measurements were estimated to be within 2 mmHg of Goldmann applanation tonometer measurements. Five cross‑sectional studies (published after 2010) of mixed quality assessed the agreement between measurements obtained with Icare and those obtained with the Goldmann applanation tonometer, with variable results. The Icare tonometers cost between £1,595 and £3,695 excluding VAT. The disposable probes for each model cost between £50 and £100 for 100 probes.

Published March 2016

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