MIB48 CORTRAK 2 Enteral Access System for placing nasoenteral feeding tubes

The CORTRAK 2 EAS is designed to help guide the placement of nasoenteral feeding tubes and to help confirm that they are correctly placed. It uses an electromagnetic sensor to track the path of the feeding tube during the placement procedure. Relevant evidence was mainly from studies of CORTRAK EAS in placing post-pyloric tubes in ICU patient populations. The evidence shows that the time to placement, technical success and safety of CORTRAK EAS for post-pyloric tubes is similar to endoscopic placement; some outcomes were better when compared with blind placement, but CORTRAK EAS increased the time needed for post-pyloric tube placement in children. Evidence on the use of CORTRAK EAS for confirming placement of post-pyloric and nasogastric tubes shows it is accurate compared with existing confirmation methods such as pH testing and X-ray. No evidence was found in relation to the use of CORTRAK EAS for guiding nasogastric tube placement.

Published January 2016

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