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NICE & NHS England

Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy - SABR

SABR is a modern, more precise delivery technique of radiotherapy which delivers high doses of radiation while causing less damage to surrounding healthy tissue than conventional radiotherapy.

Evidence shows that SABR can be effective when used to treat non-small cell lung cancer and the NHS already funds this. However, there is less clinical evidence to show that SABR is effective for other cancers.

To gather the evidence it needs, NHS England is working with the clinical and research community to fully assess the use of SABR to treat a range of cancer indications.

This research aims to collect information about clinical outcomes in patients who are treated using SABR for comparison with historical data for similar populations.

As part of this research the centres delivering SABR treatment will be collecting data about whether you experience any Adverse Events as a result of your SABR treatment. We would also like to collect information about your experience of treatment with SABR and its impact on your quality of life using questionnaires.  Once the data is collected it will be sent to the King’s Technology Evaluation Centre (KiTEC) at King’s College, London for analysis.

NHS England page: https://www.england.nhs.uk/commissioning/spec-services/npc-crg/comm-eval/

KiTEC Privacy Notice: http://kitec.co.uk/perch/resources/sabr-privacy-notice-v0.8.pdf