Tue 05 July 16

CT scanners for coronary CT angiography (CCTA) in challenging patient groups

This report discusses the technical approaches used to address the challenges of CCTA imaging and compares the relevant technical specifications of scanners available on the market suitable for cardiac imaging of challenging patient groups.

A full comparison of eleven CT scanner models is included in this report from the four main CT scanner manufacturers (GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba) contacted. All these CT scanners are available on the UK market. An additional two scanners are only described briefly due to lack of data at the time this report was compiled. The vast majority of the data included in the report were provided by the manufacturers via responses to a questionnaire.

The principal performance parameters compared in this report are: temporal resolution, spatial resolution, anatomical volume coverage, and x-ray flux, because they are considered key in CCTA imaging in the difficult to image subgroups. This approach was adopted because it helps to clarify the impact of individual technical features on the quality of the images produced. However, it should be noted that technical specifications do not provide a complete description of the performance of a CT scanner and therefore should not be used to draw final conclusions on the comparative clinical performance of the different scanners. Other technical and nontechnical factors such as post-processing tools, patient characteristics and disease state also have an impact on the overall clinical performance of the scanner.